Trayfreq 0.2.0 is in development

Trayfreq 0.2.x will be a complete rewrite of the 0.1.x branch.  It will make use of libacpi and libcpufreq from cpufrequtils.  A developmental release of this version will be made before the final release.  Check back here for details.


A new bugfix release of Trayfreq 0.1.6 was made.  This release enables users to disable the battery icon by the configuration file.


There is a new bugfix release of Trayfreq 0.1.6 branch:  It fixes a problem that causes seg faulting in 64bit.  Some bugs in 64bit remain, but they are being worked on.  We encourage people to update to this version.


The first bugfix release of Trayfreq 0.1.6 is now released.  It fixes a floating point exception when the computer does not have the battery named as expected.  Furthermore, it features some code clean up, GPL header statements in the source code, and finally it does not attempt to show the battery icon if no battery is present.  We strongly encourage people to update to

Trayfreq 0.1.6

Trayfreq 0.1.6 is released.  It features a new icon to display battery information.  Additional configuration options for this battery icon and rudimentary power management features will be added in 0.1.7.